June 23, 2020

Mindful Summer Self Care Checklist

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It’s official; Summer is here! Buttttt…long desired vacations and getaways are on hold; and the world outside is definitely looking like a “new normal”.

Here’s a checklist to help you stay grounded and balanced to navigate this season with grace!

Mindfulness, in short, is training your focus with the help of your brain’s neuroplasticity. The items on the checklist, all deliberately manipulate your focus, to bring balance, grounding and perspective. By adding these elements to your daily routine, you’re doing just that! It’s a life changer; I promise you.


Honey, when we wake up, our brain attempts to jumpstart where we left off. It runs like a business! That’s good news if we went to bed on a note of prayerfulness, stillness, calm or center. However, for many of us, as women especially, we navigated our day “doing”, “feeling” and “being” instead of acknowledging and embracing our Divine essence.

Adding in a morning practice of a connecting to ourselves and focusing our attention in a particular way, gives us power over our intentions for the day. Choose one from the list and focus all of your attention on the thing you chose to do. Release worry, reaching for your phone, or mulling over the past. Just give yourself over to that morning ritual.

2. Mindful Movement

Dale WM. Photo by Pinnacle Photography @pinnacle.photographer

These boots were made for walking; And by boots I mean our feet..and by walking I mean moving. While I probably find that corniness way too hilarious, I think you get my drift. Sis, make it a point to MOVE yo bawdy!!

I have always stressed that movement is a meditation. Get into it! It engages the brain in a way that requires it to focus on coordination and effort. This moves our focus off of worry and ruminating. The plus side is it releases endorphins – feel good hormones, that keep us vibing high and healthy.

Whether you choose to walk and take in the sights, go for a jog with a sweet playlist, flow in surrender through yoga, or dance in your underwear to your favorite jams, Go for it! Everyday!

3. Mindful Maintenance

As you move through your day, just like you would feed your body or fill your car with gas, maintain your spirit.

Dale Marshall. Star Inspired

Remember Gabrielle Union in Being Mary Jane? Sis was on to something prolific! Leave little sticky notes of hope and affirmation or goals on your car dashboard, work space bathroom or bedroom mirror.

Curate the people you follow on social media to bring you wisdom, smiles, perspective and joy instead of drama and hype.

Try a gratitude jar at home or on your work desk. Whenever you feel angry, alone or hopeless, write down one or two things you’re grateful for and put it in the jar.

Take your gallon water bottle around with you and nourish your 80% water temple.

Take mindful meditation mini breaks throughout the day. Sometimes 10 to 15 minutes can work miracles. Book a guided session here for the cost of lunch! https://starinspired.setmore.com

Bottom line, daily maintenance matters.

4. Mindful Reflection

Photo by Ogo.Pexels

Beloved, the mirror does not lie. Some times that mirror is seeing ourself clearly through self reflection

We can do reflect by writing or recording our thoughts in a journal daily. Often, we cant see ourselves clearly through the lens of our ego. We need a trusted ear to bounce our thoughts and experience off.

In these times it is important to or seek support to roll it out so you can see “you” clearly. A therapist, life or mindfulness coach can be helpful to get us real and ready to move with integrity.

If you need further support on your journey to balance and emotional wellness, Im here to serve you. You can contact me via Instagram https://www.instagram.com/star_inspired/

Book a session here: https://starinspired.setmore.com

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As always, Namaste.

Dale Marshall. Star Inspired Inc. Photo: A. Saunders Pinnacle Photography

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