April 26, 2020

Why People Wont Stay their A** at Home

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How much of people’s inability to practice social distancing, has to do with Emotional Intelligence and a need for Mindfulness ?

If we’ve been watching the news, #stayathome, #stayhomeforthem or #stayhomeforus is definitely in our vocabulary. We are asked to stay home not just for our personal safety, but to stunt the spread of the virus for the well being of our healthcare workers, elderly, immune-compromised and those with underlying chronic health conditions.

Yet, still, there are tons of people that are leaving the house, not for essential reasons, but for…well, personal fulfillment, boredom shopping, fear shopping, and FUN!

  • We WANT to hang out with friends.
  • We FEEL like having drinks in the backyard at the neighbors house.
  • We NEED to get our hair done.
  • We FORGET in the adrenaline rush of grocery shopping, to stand 3-6 feet apart.

So what is really happening here? Let’s peel back the layers.

What is really happening here? Let’s peel back the layers.

Problem #1.) We are battling with hard wired programming! So there is a great need for Mindfulness Interventions daily!

It will take reprogramming our minds

Many people are struggling with the ability to stay in because:

The “NEED”,” WANT”, “FEEL” triggers of our ego are REAL. Our Patterns of leaving and returning to our homes as we wish on a regular basis, are still imprinted in our psyche. So this is truly a challenge because we are breaking subconscious programming!

We still have the emotional memory of doing as we please or as our routines had us set to respond to.

For those that are hardwired to be more social than others, they may literally craving be interaction.

These triggers and programming control our behaviors sometimes automatically. If we dont impose mindful interventions, they will take on feet and push many of us out into the world to act the fool during this crisis.

So what do we do?

A solid mindfulness practice teaches you to focus your attention in such a way that you turn down the volume in your primal centers and turn up the volume in your reasoning centers.

What this means is that we are better able to cope with urges, like: leaving the house for frivolous reasons or making poor choices when we are not at home.

If you are someone that needs help in quieting your primal centers and operating on impulse, a daily mindfulness practice will transform your mind. Seek a professional Mindfulness instructor to begin a routine.

Until then, try this easy grounding & focus tip whenever you begin to feel antsy. It’s a signature hack that I named BLOWFISH.

Blowfish! – (For When you feel a strong sense of boredom, overwhelm or urge to cabin fever. )

Try my BLOWFISH technique!

How to: Pucker your lips and suck in air sharply. Close your eyes. Hold your breath for 4 seconds letting your heartbeat do the counting. Breath out slowly through the same puckered mouth for 8 seconds relaxing the jaw and Counting slowly in your head. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 as you release.

Repeat 2 times.

Keep your eyes closed and touch the part of your body where you feel the most tension. Then ask yourself:

  • What is it that I’m really looking for right now?
  • What is another way that I can get that urge fulfilled here in the house?
  • If I do leave the house, what is the most responsible and efficient way I can plan to get this done?

You can use this at ANY time you feel anxious or impulsive, not just on lock down or quarantine conditions.

Let me know how the BLOWFISH works for you in the comments, or share what urges you’ve had to fight the most to stay your a** in the house and what fun things you do inside to overcome them.

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