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I have a strong passion for helping people develop self awareness and emotional balance. I'm especially motivated to empower children and their caregivers to be able to do so.
I have experienced the effects of anxiety, stress and overwhelm first hand and I know the benefits of having the right tools, mindset and self awareness to navigate them. 
As an educator with 20 years experience, a trained Mindfulness Instructor, Children's yoga teacher and advocate for Social Emotional Learning, I create opportunities to help adults, children and their caregivers lead lives of balance and emotional awareness. 

hi friends, I'm Dale

I thought that the 7 day challenge was a good way to connect with myself and my child.  Even with my heavy work schedule and not always keeping up for the full 7 days. I must say  there is definitely a difference (better) between the relationship with my daughter and I. Thank you!

Awesome experience which allows you to learn different ways to build a stronger spiritual connection with your child.

"The Mindful Mom Experience was such a treat in raising my awareness to how subtle activities can turn experiences into more whole hearted moments for me and my son"
5/15/2019 11:40 AM

- k. Andrews

- L.Gray

- Avid D.

Reviews & Testimonials

The Conscious Kid's Writing Retreat of Summer 2017. What a great camp! My son brought home such energy and joy everyday.
 There are few places he goes where he can be himself, feel welcome, thrive, and long to return the next year.
 Ms Dale did that for my boy (the older of 2 boys there). I pray she continues her great work. Such unique children are sometimes overlooked, so it's still a much needed service. Thank you, Ms Dale, for affirming for my son that Positive Passions Produce Powerful Personalities.

We love you!


"I'm blown away at how remarkably accurate the Mindful Moon Mag report was for my son. Let me say I was very skeptical at first. But when I got the report, I kept rereading it over and over  in shock and awe, especially since she has never met any of us before and knew our son so intricately.

She was able to tell us his inclinations, talents and interests based on his birthdate and gave us very insightful information about guiding him in life and engaging and supporting his natural abilities. I am so much more patient and understanding as a mother now that I see why he is the way he is. 
I highly recommend that you order an individualized report!"

"The report was amazing and hit SOO many areas with my son, I was truly taken aback and appreciative for the insight it offered."

- Kristin J

-Levia (lee) pHILIDELPHIA

Mindful Coaching

Book an appointment with Star Inspired using SetMore
Book an appointment with Star Inspired using SetMore

Check out  a consultation package below that suits your needs for personal growth and balance, Then book your free pre-service call. 

I help adults and children master the magic of managing their emotions and finding deeper self awareness through Mindfulness. 


let's Find your 

You know better, but your patterns and triggers keep stopping you from evolving beyond the pain.
This custom trigger therapy uncovers your primary emotional triggers and creates a plan for you to overcome them.
In the trigger therapy package you receive:

1.) One on one 30  min check-in support calls for 7 days
2.) A strategic breathwork, meditation, affirmation and rewiring regimen for working on your trigger with Mindfulness interventions
3.) A downloadable pdf journal for your journey
4.)Guided meditation audio download

Begin by booking your free preliminary consultation

trigger therapy

7 Day Intensive Coaching

Recognizing and Healing Emotional Patterns with Mindfulness

A deeply insightful tool. It give you a mindful approach to parenting your unique child. 
In this package you receive:
1.) Free consultation call
2.)A 10 page personalized report that outlines  how to mindfully cater to your child's innate emotional needs, potential and self expression. 
 3.)Give you practical tips to transform their physical space, toys, interactions and schedules to empower their natural gifts.

  Begin by booking your consultation call. 

Mindful Mother Moon magazine

Customized digital Magazine

A 3o-60 minute consultation 

Stop emotional patterns from ruining your chances at happiness, love and success,
This is a 3o-60 minute consultation that reveals your emotional predispositions based on your natal chart.
Receive mindful interventions tailored to your specific emotional patterns. Begin by booking your free preliminary consultation

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